Be On the Lookout for End-of-Summer Sales

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Though it’s only August, and there’s still well over a month to go before the official start of fall, stores are already gearing themselves up for the change in seasons. As back-to-school supplies and Halloween candy start to adorn store aisles that were formerly dedicated to patio furniture, gardening, and lawn care, now is the time to start being perceptive about merchandise sales. The following post is meant to help you as a strategic guide for items that typically go on sale in August. Take the time to peruse your home inventory and see if there are any items that you’ve been intending to buy or that you may need to replace. August is the perfect time to take advantage of the back-to-school season, college move-in sales, and overall seasonal clearance that the end of the summer brings.

Back-To-School Sales

If you have children or simply need to restock many of your office and organizational supplies, now is the time to act. Stores offer significantly reduced prices for pencils, pens, stationery, and organizational items perfectly suitable for your at-home office. Many stores also offer sales on items associated with the back-to-school routine. This could include groceries and food-storage items for packing lunches, umbrellas and travel mugs, and even tissues and disinfectant wipes. Carefully peruse store ads and inventory, you may be surprised by the items included in back-to-school sales.

Laptops and Tablets

Jumping on the back to school bandwagon, electronic devices like laptops and tablets typically go on sale during August, too. Students in high school and students preparing to leave for college may be in the market for a new personal device, and as such many popular brands often slash their prices and offer rebates on their merchandise. Some stores even offer further discounts for students, teachers, and those who have an active proof of enrollment in an educational institution. If you are in need of new household electronics, now is the time to act. Your next window of opportunity may not arrive until the holiday season.

Linens, Towels, and Items for College Dorm Rooms

One of the benefits of the back-to-school season is the range of products available. Many sales arise at the end of the summer in order to help college students prepare for transitioning into dormitory living. Bedding, towels, area rugs, kitchen utensils, small appliances, and home decorations often fall into this category. Also included are many useful cleaning supplies, paper products, and storage items. While perfectly appropriate for college students, a lot of this sale merchandise is equally suitable for people of any age group looking to keep a clean and organized living space.

Patio Furniture and Outdoor Supplies

If you’re looking to invest in new patio furniture, end-of-summer sales are your best bet for getting a brand new set of outdoor seating and tables at a bargain price. You may notice inventory going on sale now, and prices will continue to become lower throughout the end of the season. Be mindful that while outdoor furniture may be disappearing from store inventory, you can always shop online at your favorite retailers to find products that are not offered in the store. Like patio furniture, other outdoor supplies like items for lawn and garden care, seeds, and pool supplies can also be found at significantly lower prices. You can certainly stock up your storage room or shed with these items now. That way, you’ll already have everything you need to plant your garden and maintain your outdoor space next year.

Fresh, Local Produce

One of the benefits of the end of summer is the bountiful harvest that comes from local farms of fresh fruits and vegetables. Check your supermarkets and local farmers markets for what local produce is typically available in your area at bargain prices at the end of the summer. You can save even more by buying in bulk and through proper food storage, either freezing or canning, have a storeroom of local produce that’s ready to last you well into the winter season.

BMG Money encourages financial responsibility by taking advantage of frugal finds. Don’t let hearing the words “end of summer” depress you and make you feel anxious about the cooler weather and darker days associated with the fall season. There are still plenty of warm, sun-lit days left until autumn officially arrives. Nonetheless, as you enjoy the last few weeks of summer, note what goes on sale and take advantage of this window of opportunity to find some great deals for both your home and family.