20 Best Things to Do With 20 Dollars

black envelope with cash dollars on marble table
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

These days, anyone would be happy to stumble upon some extra cash. Even just a few extra dollars could add some a decent financial padding to your wallet. While the value of a dollar certainly is not what it used to be, $20 is still enough cash to offer you plenty of spending options. Whether using the money for yourself or for someone else, the following list of suggestions presents some of the best things to do with $20.

1. Stock Up

$20 is just enough money to do a quick inventory of your home and buy an item or two in bulk. Purchasing in bulk essential items like paper products, pantry foods, or even organizational tools can even save you some money in the long run.

2. Fill Your Gas Tank

While $20 may not be enough to fill your gas tank to the top, it’s always great to be able to get some extra mileage out of your vehicle.

3. Start a Rainy Day Envelope

Instead of immediately spending the money, start a rainy day fund for unexpected expenses. The extra cash will be great for non-routine purchases like doctor visits, medications when you are sick, or an unusually higher monthly bill.

4. Pocket It as Petty Cash

Simply keeping the money in your wallet will allow you to actively use it for small day to day purchases that you already make like a cup of coffee, a pack of gum, or a quick bite to eat.

5. Buy a Small Pet

If you are looking for some additional companionship in your home, $20 would be just enough money to purchase a fish, a small tank, food, and even some aquatic decorations. Caring for another living being may teach you some additional responsibility.

6. Order Takeout Food

We all have those nights when we simply do not want to cook dinner for ourselves. Save the extra $20 for when you are just not interested in messing up the kitchen, and treat yourself to takeout from your favorite restaurant.

7. Try Extreme Couponing

$20 can actually get you pretty far if you use couponing strategies to reduce the prices of your favorite products. Check out what items are already on sale at the local pharmacy or grocery store, then use the power of coupons to see how far you can really stretch your $20.

8. Go to Happy Hour

After a particularly stressful week at work, it can be rewarding to spend some time unwinding with your colleagues. It will be a great way to decompress and build your relationships with your coworkers.

9. Check out the Dollar Store

In theory, you’d be able to fill a cart with 20 different items from the dollar store. Dollar stores are excellent venues for picking up many useful items including cleaning products, kitchen gadgets, and even party supplies.

10. Get a Nicer Bottle of Wine

Unlike the fraternization of happy hour, sometimes we prefer to decompress by ourselves. Treat yourself to a more expensive bottle of wine than what you would usually buy. Use it as inspiration to draw a bubble bath and have a relaxing spa night at home.

11. Treat a Friend

Invite a friend out for coffee, ice cream, or a similar small treat. Treating a friend is an excellent way to show your appreciation for another person. You may even inspire him or her to return the favor to you on a day that you need it most.

12. Donate to Charity

Sometimes, the best thing we can do with extra money is contribute to a good cause. Find a charitable organization that represents a cause that’s important to you and donate the money.

13. Gift Card

Instead of keeping the cash in your wallet, transform it into a gift card for your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, or clothing store. This will ensure that the money doesn’t dwindle away as a result of small cash purchases, and you will always have it to use for something that you really like.

14. Movie Night

If there’s a new movie out that you’re dying to see, you could use the money to purchase a ticket, a small drink, and snack at the local cinema. Alternatively, you could have a movie night at home and rent a film or two you may have missed in theaters.

15. Buy a Small Gift

Instead of taking a friend out somewhere, use the $20 to purchase a small gift for a friend. A nice bouquet of flowers, a small gift basket, or even a gift card will put a smile on your friend’s face and show your appreciation.

16. Make a Meal from Scratch

Instead of ordering takeout, it can feel adventurous to experiment in the kitchen. Look up a recipe for your favorite food or try something new. Buy all of your ingredients from scratch and try to put together a meal that rivals the dishes of professional chefs.

17. Purchase Home Accessories

Small changes to your home like new dish towels, a new shower curtain, or even scented candles can add fresh pops of color to your home’s decor and create a better ambiance.

18. Buy a Book

Few things will help you savor your extra $20 more than buying a great book. Read over some book reviews to find a title that you will really like. With $20, you could pick up a couple of literary classics or even a few used books instead of just one.

19. Thrift Store

Thrift store shopping is now a common trend. Try to hunt through your local thrift store’s inventory for clothing items, home decor, or even personal accessories.

20. House Plants

Requiring a little bit less responsibility than a small pet, a new house plant can add a touch of color to any room. What’s more, plants will help improve your home’s air quality.

These are just 20 suggestions for how to effectively use an extra $20. You may not think it’s a lot of money, but it’s enough cash to treat yourself, to show your appreciation for someone else, or to set yourself up for unexpected expenses in the future.

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